Coffea Arabica

Common names

Coffea arabica nana, Kawa, Caféeiro, Arbol del café, Kahvé oghadji, 커피나무, K'eo p'i na mu, Ka fei, Arabicakoffie, Koffie, Koffiestruik, Arabian coffee, Arabica coffee, Coffee, Café arabica, Caféier commun, Caféier d'Arabie, Kaffee, Καφές, Kafes, Kopi, Gehve, Tochem keweh, Cafe, Café, Caféeiro, Кофе арабика, Cafeto, Cafeto arábico, Cafeto de Arabia, עצי קפה מזן ערביקה

Various young plant

Seed box +/_ 120 pieces
transplanted 51 tray 1 p/p

finished product in pot size

12 cm
15 cm 2 plant
17 cm 3 plant

Culture time in weeks

25 weeks
35 weeks
50 weeks

Fertilizer analysis

PH 5,5 / 5
EC 1,3/1,5

Culture conditions

Light 400w/m2 / 600w/m2
Minimum temperature 16 degrees celcius


50 % peat 50 % cocos peat
Production time strelitzia seed box 12 weeks
Production time strelitzia transplanted 51 tray 20 weeks
Full CC contains 30 box plants

News Blog

Introductie stagiair Lisanne Machielsen

6 juni 2017

Hallo allemaal! Ik ben Lisanne Machielsen, 1e-jaars student aan de HAS hogeschool. Ik volg de opleiding Bedrijfskunde & Agribusiness en loop op dit moment een oriëntatiestage. Dit doe ik bij Kwekerij Aardam in Aarlanderveen. Dit bedrijf levert uitgangsmateriaal van tropische planten. Dit is voor m...

Plants testing under LED Lights

8th April 2017

Figure 1 A skilled person is checking the plants regularly In the above picture we can already see darker green and stronger leaves. Also the warmth loss is less.   As soon as we get the our seed in we germinate them and grow the plants to a certain height and we keep them under a combina...